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Frequently Asked Questions

Scoping Comments

View public scoping comment documents for the West-wide Energy Corridor Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS)

Public comments received during the scoping phase, including individual letters, facsimiles, and comments received electronically, can be viewed on this website. Please note that because some comment documents contain multiple comments on multiple topics, they may be listed more than once. Also, comment documents submitted via the Web are prefaced with the comment receipt; the actual comment document begins after the receipt.

UT Utah Rural Electric Association Peterson View 80030
NM {individual} Scott View 80031
NV {individual} {anonymous} View 80032
MT {individual} argabright View 80033
WA Army Hart View 80034
WY Rock Springs Grazing Association Schramm View 80035
CO National Wildlife Federation Zimmerman View 80036
AZ Tohono O'odham Nation Steere View 80037
OH Marathon Pipe Line LLC May View 80038
MT NorthWestern Energy Brush, II View 80039
AZ SWAT Kondziolka View 80040
CO Western Area Power Administration Swanson View 80041
WA Affiliated Tribes of NW Indians EDC Spottedbird View 80042
TX Plains All American Nerbonne View 80043
OR Oregon Natural Resources Council Heiken View 80044
IL BP Pipelines North America, Inc. Moore View 80045
OR Oregon Natural Resources Council Heiken View 80046
CA California Energy Commission Bartridge View 80047
AZ Robert S. Lynch & Associates Lynch View 80048
CA California Energy Commission Bartridge View 80049
UT Kern River Gas Transmission Company Hohenshelt View 80050
NV Sierra Pacific Power, Nevada Power Schmidt View 80051
CO Xcel Energy Services, Inc. Thompson View 80052
AZ UniSource Energy Corporation Beck View 80053
UT WECC / SGG-WI / WINB Loock View 80054