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Frequently Asked Questions

Draft PEIS Comments Submitted by Wild Horse Observers Association (WHOA)

Draft PEIS Comments submitted by the Wild Horse Observers Association (WHOA), in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

The Wild Horse Observers Association (WHOA) submitted comment documents that reside in the 15 files whose file names begin with "WHOA" listed below. Patience O'Dowd of WHOA submitted the documents, and these comment documents (letters and/or survey forms) from the members of WHOA are identified in Table 3 of Volume IV of the final PEIS.

To find a letter or form from an individual, you should first locate the comment document identification number for the commentor of interest in Table 3 in Volume IV of the final PEIS. You should then find the file that begins with "WHOA" that includes that comment identification number. Finally, you should open the file and scroll down until the comment document of interest is found.

PDF WHOA-50529.pdf
PDF WHOA-50530.pdf
PDF WHOA-50531.pdf
PDF WHOA-50532.pdf
PDF WHOA-50533.pdf
PDF WHOA-50534.pdf
PDF WHOA-50537.pdf
PDF WHOA-50539.pdf
PDF WHOA-50540.pdf
PDF WHOA-50541.pdf
PDF WHOA-50542.pdf
PDF WHOA-50543.pdf
PDF WHOA-50544.pdf
PDF WHOA-50546.pdf
PDF WHOA-50547.pdf