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Frequently Asked Questions

Draft PEIS Comments Submitted by The Wilderness Society

Draft PEIS Comments submitted by The Wilderness Society, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

The comment letters submitted by the members of The Wilderness Society listed in Table 4 in Volume IV of the final PEIS are bundled in 28 separate files; the names were not alphabetically organized within these files. To find a comment letter from an individual member of The Wilderness Society, you should open a file, select "Edit" in the file menu at the top of the page, and then select "Find." You should then type in the name of the individual of interest and hit "Enter."

PDF wilderness-7899871-760849-1.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760849-2.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-1.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-2.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-3.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-4.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-5.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-6.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-7.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-8.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-9.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-10.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-11.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-12.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-13.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-14.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-15.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-16.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-17.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-18.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-19.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-20.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-21.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-22.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-23.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-24.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-25.pdf
PDF wilderness-7899871-760850-26.pdf