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Frequently Asked Questions

Preliminary Draft Map Comments

View public comment documents for the West-wide Energy Corridor EIS preliminary draft corridor maps.

Public comments received in response to publication of the preliminary draft corridor maps, including individual letters, facsimiles, and comments received electronically, are available for downloading/browsing. Please note that because some comment documents contain multiple comments on multiple topics, they may be listed more than once. Also, comment documents submitted via the Web are prefaced with the comment receipt; the actual comment document begins after the receipt.

OR Bonneville Power Administration Landauer View 051
UT Garkane Energy Anonymous View 052
ID Western Watersheds Project Wetherley View 053
AZ Robert S. Lynch & Associates Lynch View EM001
?? Sierra Pacific Power Company Schmidt View EM002
CA {individual} Newbry View EM003
CA The Williams Companies, Inc. Larrea View EM004
?? {individual} Garland View EM005
UT Garkane Energy Cooperative, Inc. Albrecht View EM006
?? {individual} Frank View EM007
DC National Trust for Historic Preservation Smith View EM008
OR TransCanada's GTN & NBP Systems Burke View EM009
ID {individual} Marostica View M0001
CO Western Colorado Astronomy Club McSheehy View M0002
UT {individual} Colbert View M0003
MT {individual} King View M0004
?? {individual} {anonymous} View M0005
MT {individual} wilde View M0006
CO EnCana Corporation Sappenfield View M0007
CA State Lands Commission Porter View M0008
OK {individual} Billingsley View M0009
WA {individual} Lichtenwald View M0010
VA {individual} Cavanaugh View M0011
WY Rock Springs Grazing Association Schramm View M0012
CA {individual} Hughes View M0013