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Frequently Asked Questions

Preliminary Draft Map Comments

View public comment documents for the West-wide Energy Corridor EIS preliminary draft corridor maps.

Public comments received in response to publication of the preliminary draft corridor maps, including individual letters, facsimiles, and comments received electronically, are available for downloading/browsing. Please note that because some comment documents contain multiple comments on multiple topics, they may be listed more than once. Also, comment documents submitted via the Web are prefaced with the comment receipt; the actual comment document begins after the receipt.

TX {individual} Buchanan View M0014
WY Alliance for Historic Wyoming Dobos View M0015
CA California State Lands Commission dugal View M0016
WY {individual} Wischmann View M0017
CA {individual} RUBY View M0018
WA {individual} Anderson View M0019
WA {individual} Hedge View M0020
NC {individual} Loiselle View M0021
CO Western Interstate Energy Board Larson View M0022
NC {individual} {anonymous} View M0023
WA Stevens Pass Ski area Gifford View M0024
UT Dixie Escalante Power Dalton View M0025
UT Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge Hicks View M0026
?? {individual} Turner View M0027
CO {individual} jhon View M0028
WA {individual} Murphy View M0029
WA WSEFSEC Luce View M0030
CA {individual} GoodShield View M0031
TN CHS SPEAK Finegan View M0032
ID Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Edmo View M0033
WA {individual} Rader View M0034
WY Biodiversity Conservation Alliance Molvar View M0035
NV Sierra Pacific Power / Nevada Power Whalen View M0036
CA {individual} {anonymous} View M0037
OR {individual} Sutherland View M0038