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Frequently Asked Questions

Draft PEIS Comments: Table 1 and 2 Comments

Draft PEIS comment documents submitted by the individuals and organizations listed in Tables 1 and 2 in Volume IV of the final PEIS.

The file names for the comment documents submitted by the individuals and organizations listed in Tables 1 and 2 in Volume IV of the final PEIS begin with either "WWEC-Comments” or "WWEC-Hearing" to indicate whether they contain individual comment documents or the transcripts of public comment meetings, respectively. For example, the file "WWEC-Comments_50550-50567" includes the 18 individual comment documents with identification numbers from 50550 to 50567. Files containing transcripts of public hearings include the name of the city where the public comment meeting was held. For example, the file "WWEC-Hearing_Window_Rock" includes all oral or written comment documents presented at the public comment meeting held in Window Rock, AZ.

PDF WWEC-Comments_001-0013.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0014-0029.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0030-0038.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0039-0049.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0050-0059.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0060-0069.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0070-0079.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0080-0089.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0090-0099.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0100.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0101a.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0101b.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0101c.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0101d.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0102-0104.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0105-0111.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0112a.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0112b.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0113.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0114.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0115.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0116.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0117-0119.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0120-0128.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0129-0134.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0135a.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0135b.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0135c.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0135d.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0136-0137.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0138-0201.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0202-0205.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_0206-0209.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50000-50079.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50080-50084.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50085a.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50085b.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50086-50099.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50100-50149.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50150-50199.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50200-50249.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50250-50274.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50275-50299.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50300-50324.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50325-50349.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50350-50374.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50375-50399.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50400-50424.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50425-50449.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50450-50474.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50475-50499.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50500-50524.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50525-50549.pdf
PDF WWEC-Comments_50550-50567.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Albuquerque.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Boise.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Cheyenne.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Denver.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Elko.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Grand_Junction.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Helena.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Las Vegas.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Ontario.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Phoenix.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Portland.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Sacramento.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Salt_Lake_City.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Seattle.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_WashingtonDC.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Window_Rock.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Albuquerque.pdf
PDF WWEC-Hearing_Boise.pdf